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Sea hag
A sea hag.

A sea hag is a type of hag who delights in discord, and torments sailors and others who live by the sea.1[citation needed]


In its natural form, a sea hag appears as an emaciated crone draped in seaweed. A typical specimen is between 5 and 6 feet tall and weighs 160 pounds.1[citation needed]

Sea hags, as the name suggests, are associated with maritime environments. They are particularly vicious and enjoy causing shipwrecks and drowning sailors. They are often portrayed as hideous, sea-worn crones who use their magic to manipulate and torment those who venture into their domain.2


Sea hags lack the magical abilities of other hags. However, their appearance is so horrific that the sight of them can weaken any non-hags forced to look upon them.1[citation needed]

They also have the ability to affect others with a cursed evil eye. This curse can send victims into a coma, or even kill them.1[citation needed]

If forced into melee combat, sea hags rely on their sharp claws.1[citation needed]

More powerful sea hags may possess abilities related to controlling water, summoning storms, and ensnaring victims with their curses.[citation needed]

Habitat and society

Sea hags are usually solitary but sometimes gather together in covens of three hags of any type.1[citation needed]

On Golarion

Three Hags Rock in the Linnorm Kingdom of the Ironbound Archipelago has long been rumoured to harbour sea hags in some of its caves though no one has survived to confirm this.3

Peg o' Ness is an infamous Varisian sea hag.4


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