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Soggy River

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The Soggy River is a small stream which flows through the hinterlands south of the village of Sandpoint along Varisia's Lost Coast. It passes the Whisperwood, twists its way through fertile farmlands, and crosses the Lost Coast Road before emptying into Sog's Bay. Its delta forms the wetlands known as Brinestump Marsh.1 A grain mill was once located along its banks, serving the local wheat and corn farmers. Sadly, it was destroyed by a fire around 4706 AR, an event blamed on the Scarnetti family of Sandpoint.2 Many of the farmers south of the Soggy River were murdered that same year by ghouls sent by the undead Aldern Foxglove.3 The area is also the occasional hunting ground of a sea hag named Peg o' Ness who lives in a sea cave off of the nearby peninsula known as Hag's Plummet.4


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