Pharasma's Needle

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Pharasma's Needle is a monument dedicated to Pharasma, just inside the gates to the necropolis of the city of Wati in Osirion. Soon after Pharasmins arrived in Wati to rebuild and consecrate the city, a burning rock fell from the sky into the River Sphinx, at the place where now the floating district of Bargetown is located. Nefru Shepses decreed the celestial event as an omen of favor from Pharasma and ordered the black stone to be retrieved from the riverbed and carved into a capstone for an obelisk. The obelisk was set in the city's new necropolis as a symbol of Pharasma's blessing for the city of Wati. Today, mourners stop at Pharasma's Needle on their way to the graveyard, to gain the goddess's blessing for the deceased's journey to the Boneyard.12


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