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Wati natives carry a corpse through the city gates
Titles the Half-City
Nation Osirion
Region Sphinx Basin
Size Small city
Population 7,300
Demographics 6,670 humans, 292 halflings, 73 dwarves, 26 half-elves, 239 other
Government Council
Alignment Lawful neutral
Ruler Haty-a Oshep Kahmed
Images of Wati

Source: The Half-Dead City, pg(s). 62ff.

Wati, the Half-City[1] was the largest of the trio of cities in southern Osirion until its population was ravaged by the Plague of Madness in 2499 AR. The contagion was conjured and spread by the cult of Lamashtu, taking advantage of the religious conflict raging across Garund during this period. Wati was slowly abandoned by the surviving population. In 2953 AR, the priesthood of Pharasma established a major temple and consecrated the city in the memory of the murdered dead, setting aside the abandoned sections of Wati in their honor. In the past thousand years, the living section of the city has expanded and the abandoned part is now less than a fourth of its overall area. The abandoned sections of the town are largely inaccessible due to local stigma, and adventurers with the blessing of Pharasma's clergy sometimes target the area.[2] The city of Wati was originally founded in -1608 AR by Djederet II during the First Age of Osirion.[3]


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