Plague of Madness

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The Plague of Madness was a magical disease released by a cult of Lamashtu on the Osiran city of Wati in 2499 AR.1 Many of those not immediately claimed by the fever succumbed to a murderous and cannibalistic madness that claimed the lives of countless others. In a matter of months, over 60 percent of the city's population perished in agonizing torment. Most of the fortunate survivors chose to flee Wati, seeking new beginnings in distant lands. Nevertheless, a resilient minority refused to abandon their beloved city, resolved to reclaim it from the clutches of despair. Even after the plague had run its devastating course, their hope of restoration was met with the harsh reality of crumbling livelihoods. The nearby cities of An and Tephu seized control of Wati's once-exclusive trade routes, and the beleaguered community grappled with recurring waves of the undead emerging from the city's abandoned edifices, now transformed into grim tombs.2


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