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Cannibalism is the act or practice of humans or other sentient creatures eating the flesh or internal organs of other humans or sentient creatures. A person who practices cannibalism is known as a cannibal. Cannibalism is practiced throughout Golarion, but the most well-known examples of it occur among the kuru of the Cannibal Isles in the Shackles,[1] the Koboto of the Sodden Lands,[2] the island of Smuggler's Shiv off the Sargavan coast of Eleder,[3] the Ice Mines of Hope Lost in the witch realm of Irrisen,[4] and the Kalvamen of the Linnorm Kingdom of Icemark.[5] Historically, it is believed that cannibalism was common in the ancient cyclopes kingdom of Ghol-Gan, judging by the terrifying murals found in Garund.[6] The patroness of the practice of cannibalism is the demon lord Zura.[7]