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Po La

The Bureaucrat
Source: The Inner Sea World Guide, pg(s). 108-109

Po La the Bureaucrat runs the town of Icestair in the Realm of the Mammoth Lords with the help of his assistants. His primary duty is the maintenance of the staircase that climbs the glacial war that connects Avistan with the Crown of the World. Secondary duties include the repair of the massive winch used to haul freight and vehicles up and down the cliff face, as well as arranging for guides to help protect merchants traveling from Tian Xia as they journey south.1


Po La is said to have fled the Successor States some time ago, where he was a civil officer in the employ of the Fire Empress Zai Ming. He says he was forced to flee after he had a bad encounter with his ruler's daughter.1


Since the opening of the Worldwound to the east there are no more absolutely safe routes to the richer nations of central Avistan. He is, therefore, in constant negotiation with the orcs of the Hold of Belkzen in order to arrange for safe passage through their territories.1