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Raviyah al-Khurrat

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Raviyah al-Khurrat
Titles Godspeaker
Alignment Neutral good
Race/Species Human (Keleshite)
Class Cleric 18
Gender Female
Homeland Al-Zabrit, Meraz Desert, Qadira
Deity Sarenrae
Organization Al-Zabriti
Born ca. 4627 AR

Source: Adventurer's Guide, pg(s). 9

Raviyah al-Khurrat is godspeaker of the Ba'atdinu Qadash in Qadira, where she mediates disputes between tribes of the Al-Zabriti and serves as the region's authoritative historian and chief justice of the Sarenite religious court.[1]


Raviyah is approaching 90 years of age but remains active and mentally sharp. She is relatively fair-skinned with dark hair.[1]


Raviyah is approaching an age where she must name a successor, but her previous choice Ahuraneh al-Nissah died mysteriously. Her daughter Haliyeh and two other priestesses are likely alternatives.[1]