Warden robot

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Warden robot

Any (Numeria)
Source: The Choking Tower, pg(s). 88-89

Warden robots are massive technological guardians of important sites, vaults, or prisoners, that zealously execute their programming by ruthlessly killing intruders, often without warning. Wardens are intelligent constructs that coordinate attacks when acting in groups, using their sonic and light weapons in concert to overwhelm their foes' senses.1


Wardens are hulking metal constructs with squat bodies, two flexible legs, and two long arms with six dexterous fingers on each hand. The Technic League has a particular interest in warden robots' reactive armor, which responds to impacts with fiery explosions and regenerates this ability over time.1

Habitat & Society

Wardens can be found across Numeria, but most known wardens defend Silver Mount, where the Technic League has had some success subverting them for their own use. Their programming allows them to quickly adapt to enemy tactics and work together in small groups. While capable of speaking Androffan, wardens communicate with each other through some unknown silent means.1


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