Redwing's Dungeon Companion

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Redwing's Dungeon Companion
(Magic item)
Type Book of spells
Affiliation Cevil Charms

Source: Dungeoneer's Handbook, pg(s). 30–31

Redwing's Dungeon Companion is a slender and often-copied tome of spells used by acclaimed author and explorer Cevil "Redwing" Charms, Esq. The original manuscript is said to be stored in Magnimar or lost in Hollow Mountain, Deep Tolguth, or Eel's Skull, and is much sought after for the powers of navigation that Redwing claimed it has—anyone who holds it is said to be immune to disorientation in dungeons. The original's pages are in perfect condition despite the cover's obvious signs of hazardous wear from years of dungeoneering.[1]