Deep Tolguth

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A froghemoth fighting a dinosaur in the jungles of Deep Tolguth.

Deep Tolguth is the northernmost region of Orv in the Inner Sea region. It is located miles beneath the surface, stretching from the western borders of the Realm of the Mammoth Lords through the Sarkoris Scar to Mendev.1 It may once have had a direct connection to the Mammoth Lord settlement of Tolguth via the Earthnavel, but if so, the tunnels have long since collapsed.23


The realm is a vast cavern, lit by a brightly glowing light in the centre of its ceiling, two miles off the ground. The light burns for 12 hours each day before disappearing completely. The cavern's "night" is not completely dark, however, as the ceiling is also studded with numerous glowing crystals which give off a glow reminiscent of starlight.[citation needed]

Its interior terrain consists primarily of jungles, lakes, and swamps, whilst the ground at its perimeter rises like mountain slopes. Warring tribes of primitive humans and orcs live in the "mountains".4


Deep Tolguth is home to many massive creatures: dinosaurs, gigantic vermin, froghemoths, vemeraks, and other primeval beasts, but it is by no means only a land of mindless beasts. However, barbarians of Deep Tolguth, called beastkin berserkers, can transform themselves into the animals native to this Vault, including dinosaurs.5

Murrog One-Ear

An immensely powerful orc cleric devoted to the Lord in Iron Murrog One-Ear seeks a set of magical skulls that would allow her to widen the Earthnavel and allow the huge beasts of Deep Tolguth to reach and rampage across the surface of Golarion.6


Cities of onyx and porphyry can be found on the shores of the central lakes. It is not clear who built them, but they are now inhabited by a xulgath species called thoughtmaws. These xulgaths are more technologically advanced than those found elsewhere in Golarion, but no less cruel. The xulgath capital has a 900-foot-tall ziggurat situated directly beneath the "sun"; there may be some connection between this and the thoughtmaws' unusual intelligence.47 Thoughtmaws enslave nearby humanoids (except lesser xulgaths, which they kill on sight) and tame Deep Tolguth's beasts to serve them.7

Expeditions to Deep Tolguth

The Pathfinder Society has been deeply interested in the rumors of Deep Tolguth for many years, and has launched five separate expeditions to discover it; no one from these expeditions has ever returned alive.8


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