Remeria Callinova

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Remeria Callinova
Alignment Chaotic good
Race/Species Human (Varisian)
Class Expert 4 / Rogue 2
Gender Female
Homeland Magnimar, Varisia
Organization Varisian Council

Source: Magnimar, City of Monuments, pg(s). 25

Remeria Callinova is the current head of the Varisian Council, the Magnimarian government body tasked with protecting the rights of the city's indigenous Varisian population. An elderly woman, she has recently become more concerned about the plight of Magnimar's small Shoanti population, who have no official representation within the city's government. The task of getting the city's Shoanti greater respect and recognition has been an uphill battle, as many of them are exiles and malcontents, who left Varisia's established tribes under difficult circumstances.[1]


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