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Varisian Council

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Varisian Council
Type Political
Leader Remeria Callinova
Headquarters Magnimar, Varisia
Goals Look after interests of the Varisians of the city
Scope Local
Structure City council
Members Local Varisians

Source: Magnimar, City of Monuments, pg(s). 25

The Varisian Council is one of the three governing bodies (along with the Office of the Lord-Mayor and the Council of Ushers) of the Varisian city of Magnimar. It was created to help address the needs and concerns of the city's Varisian people; it has little power in the city otherwise.[1][2] It is headquartered among the colorful tents and wagons of Magnimar's Keystone neighborhood. It is currently led by the elderly Remeria Callinova.[1]


The Varisian Council was created around 4630 AR by the city's elders to make sure the traditions and rights of the area's Varisian population would be protected.[3] The Council was originally headquartered in a building just to the west of its current location, but it burned down in 4701 AR in a fire set by the mad painter Goren Andosalu, which also destroyed several other buildings.[4]