Rena Illirigarde

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Rena Illirigarde
Titles Lady
Gender Female
Homeland Illirigarde Manor, county of Versex, Ustalav; formerly Caliphas
Organization House Illirigarde
Died ca. 4672 AR
Destroyed 4715 AR
Companion(s) Andolf

Source: Phantom Phenomena, pg(s). 3

Lady Rena Illirigarde was an Ustalavic socialite with interests in the occult.[1] She commissioned Illirigarde Manor, near Lantern Lake in the Hungry Mountains foothills, to study the origins of occult phenomena in the mountains.[2]

A harrowing she performed for Veny Srevka in 4672 AR resulted in his death.[3] Soon after, Lady Illirigarde died at the hands of her own homunculus, Andolf.[2]

As part of her occult research, Lady Illirigarde developed several psychically sensitive etheric compasses to track the source of strange phenomena.[2]


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