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Ries Cuprianas

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Ries Cuprianas
Aliases The Steel Fox
Alignment Neutral good
Race/Species Human
Class Ranger 6
Gender Male
Homeland Andoran
Organization Steel Falcons, Eagle Knights

Source: NPC Guide, pg(s). 5

A captain in the Steel Falcons branch of the Andoren Eagle Knights, Ries Cuprianas has earned the nickname the "Steel Fox" by making numerous raids against neighboring Cheliax, freeing slaves and political enemies of House Thrune.[1]

Ries and his small group of rangers primarily focuses on bringing individuals out of hated Cheliax, where his deeds are largely unspoken and unmarked (except when whispered behind closed doors by less-than-patriotic citizens hoping for a day when their freedoms are no longer crushed by the deviled heel of House Thrune). Ries and his crew have hunted inside Cheliax for over a decade, making daring raids into the prisons of House Thrune. The deal is always the same: exit from Cheliax; safety in Andoran; and information or aid against House Thrune. The extractions are often perilous, with violent fights on-the-run, dangerous diversions, and acts of civil destruction. Because of these selfless and brave deeds, the Steel Fox is regarded throughout Andoran and Cheliax as a great patriot and singular hero.

Naturally the rumor mill has ground out a great number of motivations for his deeds: the child of a Chelaxian smuggler; a divine mandate from Talmandor; an orphan whose parents were slain by devils; a madman who welcomes death and risks everything without regard for life and limb.

In his mid-forties, Ries is marked by a long scar along the left side of his face, arcing from scalp to chin. His hair has turned mostly silver from the original brown, and although his demeanor is taciturn, his eyes convey a warmth of heart and breadth of spirit.