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Aliases Formerly Ahmrit Rajaani
Alignment Neutral evil
Race/Species Devourer
Class Oracle 9
Gender Male
Homeland Adhaarm, Narhari Desert, Vudra

Source: Undead Unleashed, pg(s). 48–51

Rudrakavala is an powerful devourer who dwells in an isolated, desolate mountain valley on the eastern fringe of Vudra's Narhari Desert. A fanatical cult of worshipers formed the town of Adhaarm to venerate him as an avatar of a Vudrani god of destruction. The creature sits atop a black iron platform and it is said to have not moved in centuries. Bleached white as stone by the sun and exposure to the elements, Rudrakavala is surrounded on all sides by a field of weathered bones. His cultists drag victims to him and thrust them into the bone cavern of his chest. Once they witness the extraction of the spirit, they haul the corpse off to the bone field.[1]

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