Narhari Desert

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Narhari Desert

Source: Sixty Feet Under, pg(s). 72

The Narhari Desert can be found in distant Vudra on the continent of Casmaron. It is said to be claimed by the three-eyed dragon Trilochan, the cleverest of the Spawn of Rovagug.1


The most desolate of Vudra's regions, the Narhari Desert contains some of the most rugged mahajanapadas in all Vudra. What little water there is comes from the fast flowing Bahig River. The Narhari desert is flanked by two mountain ranges, to the north-east lie the Johar Mountains while to the west lie the Pardaparbat Mountains. Amongst the Pardaparbat Mountains a large number of linnorms and corrupted dragons fight for control of the valley known as Viritash's Tail. Named for the evil dragon god Viritash, Viritash's Tail is home to a scepter made from his tail that promises great power to whichever of his draconic successors can claim it.2


Despite its generally desolate nature, the Narhari Desert is home to a wide range of different settlements. Where the Bahig River disappears into a massive sinkhole at the heart of the Narhari Desert sits the outlaw city of Gadbadigat. To the south of the region at the edge of the Pardaparbat Mountains sit the two towns of Adhaarm and Vinpinna, each controlled by a different sect of undead martial artists. The largest mahajanapada of the region is Japrini and its capital of Jastinpur is a beautiful metropolis.2



The nomadic, equestrian Banjarey people travel the Narhari Desert as proud, independent families unsworn to any mahajanapada.3


An extremely powerful devourer named Rudrakavala is believed to dwell in a remote mountain valley in the Narhari. He is served by a fanatical cult of emaciated worshipers, who bring him victims, but with whom he does not communicate.4


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