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Alahazra, iconic human oracle.
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Iconic character Alahazra
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Source: Advanced Player's Guide, pg(s). 42-54

Oracles are perhaps the most mysterious divine casters on Golarion. They are given power by a deity, often without their consent, that even they do not fully understand. Unlike clerics, who draw their power from a single divine source, oracles gain their strength from all the gods who share a compatible philosophy. While many see the powers of an oracle as a great blessing, others believe it to be a curse that radically alters the chosen one's life forever.[1]


Most divine casters in the Inner Sea region are clerics, especially those who work within an established church. Oracles tend to operate outside the formalized structures of organized religion, and often consider themselves pantheists who revere entire divine pantheons or groups (such as demon lords, empyreal lords, or those who achieved their apotheosis through the Test of the Starstone). Other oracles refuse to name any specific gods whom they worship, preferring to follow a philosophy or other more metaphysical system of thought.[2] Some believe that oracles draw their power directly from the divine beings known as demigods.[3]


Each oracle feels a particular connection to a divine mystery from which she draws her spells and powers. This mystery can be a specific ideal to which the oracle prays, a deity or other divine entity, or simply a natural calling or cause. An oracle chooses her mystery (or perhaps it chooses her) at the beginning of her training and cannot be changed thereafter.[4]