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Korakai, iconic tengu oracle.

Iconic character
Alahazra (1E)
Korakai (2E)
Source: Advanced Player's Guide, pg(s). 42–54 (1E)
Advanced Player's Guide, pg(s). 66–81 (2E)
Alahazra, iconic human oracle.

The oracle is a paradox of divine magic, able to tap into and manipulate energies from disparate sources throughout the universe that would overwhelm anyone else. These mysteries grant unusual powers and revelations, as well as a double-edged curse, which they must learn how to simultaneously endure and exploit.1

Oracles are perhaps the most mysterious divine casters on Golarion. They are given power often without their consent, that even they do not fully understand. While many see the powers of an oracle as a great blessing, it is also a curse that radically alters the chosen one's life forever.2


An oracle wields divine power drawn from a potent concept or ideal, multiple divine entities with overlapping areas of concern, or a direct conduit to raw divine power. This source of magic, not beholden to any single deity, is the oracle's mystery.3 Each oracle feels a connection to a particular mystery from which they draw magic.4

Drawing magic from multiple powerful sources is extremely stressful for the body, causing the oracle to be affected by a supernatural curse. The more revelation spells they cast, the more conflicting energies fill their body, worsening the effects of their curse, but also providing them with more and more powerful divine benefits. The specific effects of their curse are tied to their individual mystery, but all curses continually affect the oracle, serving as a mild but constant reminder of their supernatural abilities. The curse progresses as the oracle casts revelation spells, and most powerful oracles can draw so much power that their curses progress to cause devastating effects on their bodies, but also grant them immense benefits.3

On Golarion

In Numeria, the Black Seers are a group of Zyphen oracles devoted to protecting the Palace of Fallen Stars in Starfall.[citation needed]

In the north of Belkzen, the Brimstone Haruspex is where a group of highly educated (for orcs) oracles of Rovagug offer guidance in exchange for massive tributes. In addition to maintaining the only complete record of orc history—a lengthy series of cave paintings stretching all the way back to their initial emergence—the ascetic oracles breathe in vapors from the active fumaroles in order to form their prophecies. Unfortunately, the fumes that give them their insights are highly caustic, permanently scarring their faces and lungs.5

Oracles are common amongst the hermits and religious communities that dot the remote and perilous Wall of Heaven Mountains that make up the western edge of the continent of Tian Xia.6

Notable oracles

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There are no restrictions on the race of an oracle, but tengu, dhampir, aphorite, kitsune, and sprite adventurers often become oracles.

Elf oracles are quite common and highly respected as keepers of the mysteries of their peoples' ancestors and secrets that predate the world's countless younger races.7


Most divine casters in the Inner Sea region are clerics, especially those who work within an established church. Oracles tend to operate outside the formalized structures of organized religion, and often consider themselves pantheists who revere entire divine pantheons or groups (such as demon lords, empyreal lords, or those who achieved their apotheosis through the Test of the Starstone). Other oracles refuse to name any specific gods whom they worship, preferring to follow a philosophy or other more metaphysical system of thought.8

False gods and dead gods cannot grant spells to clerics, but oracles, who never draw their powers from a deity, can serve these forces as champions or cultists.9


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