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Ruined Undercrypt of Kelmarane

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Pathfinder Terrain: Ruined Undercrypt of Kelmarane
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Ruined Undercrypt of Kelmarane is a Pathfinder Terrain product by WorldWorks Games, supporting the Legacy of Fire Adventure Path.

Something foul lurks in the crypt below the ruined church of Sarenrae in the ghost town of Kelmarane—something so foul that the savage humanoids that now claim the town as their lair avoid the church entirely. What is the link between the strange, otherworldly influence in this sinister crypt and the town's troubled past, and can your characters survive to the end to find out?

WorldWorksGames in partnership with Paizo Publishing is proud to bring you our first release in the official Pathfinder Terrain series. The Ruined Undercrypt of Kelmarane serves as the climactic dungeon of the adventure Howl of the Carrion King, the first installment in the Pathfinder Adventure Path Legacy of Fire.

This fully modular, 3-D terrain set is designed around a "place-as-you-play" framework to keep players guessing as they pass through each area. GMs are not limited by specific build sizes or layouts, either; combine elements or print extra corridors to create massive undercrypt environments. And for those pressed for time, the creators also included an exclusive 2.5-D build system, allowing them to use 2-D floor tiles combined with 3-D doors and props! All of this is backed by expertly crafted 300dpi custom textures and easy-to-follow instructions.

The Ruined Undercrypt of Kelmarane includes all of the following:

  • 102 pages of walls, floors, templates, and props (both 3-D and 2.5-D versions)
  • Richly illustrated 45-page instruction manual
  • Upper crypt Circular Antechamber with stairs, well and moveable gong
  • Upper crypt Main Crypt chamber with burial niches, raised dais platform and ceramic cask
  • Upper crypt Reliquary with hidden treasures
  • Lower crypt Antechamber with fully functional sliding portcullis! (Also includes flat nonfunctional version)
  • Lower crypt halls: 4 ancient modular hall sections with burial niches, archways and mist FX
  • Lower crypt Funerary Chamber: Large removable door, 6 removable columns (for easy play), ornate throne, raised two-step dais, angled chamber walls with entry arch
  • Mounting templates for all rooms and corridors
  • Includes 2-D tilesets for all 4 rooms and 5 halls!
  • Simplified 2.5-D version of cask
  • Includes freestanding 2.5-D doors, portcullis and archways!