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Pathfinder Terrain

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Pathfinder Terrain is a Pathfinder product line licensed by Archon Studio. The Pathfinder Terrain line was previously used for two products produced by WorldWorksGames, Ruined Undercrypt of Kelmarane and The Garden, both in support of the Legacy of Fire Pathfinder Adventure Path.


Box Title Release Date Related Product
Ruined Undercrypt of Kelmarane.jpg Ruined Undercrypt of Kelmarane 200902XXFebruary 2009 Legacy of Fire
The Garden (Pathfinder Terrain).jpg The Garden 201010XXOctober 2010 Legacy of Fire
Abomination Vaults (Pathfinder Terrain).jpg Abomination Vaults 202205XXMay 2022 Abomination Vaults