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Source: The Inner Sea World Guide, pg(s). 92-93

Kelmarane is a ruined battle market village in northwestern Katapesh. The village was one of several in the Uwaga Highlands of the Brazen Peaks situated around the battle market. In 4689 AR the Pactmasters abandoned it to ruin. By 4707 AR the Kulldis tribe of gnolls had claimed Kelmarane as its own. The village has since become a haven of gnoll slavers, human bandits, and disreputable brigands from the northlands.1

Aside from the ancient battle market and the ruined church of Sarenrae, most of the structures in Kelmarane are abandoned ruins. Most lack roofs or sturdy walls, but others are solid enough to provide temporary shelter.2

The Pactmasters hired Almah Roveshki to reclaim the village.1