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Ruk is a ball game where two teams of 10 players each attempt to get a sand-filled leather ball the size of a person's head through a ring at the opposite end of the field.

Kicking and handling the ball are both allowed, though to many it looks like nothing more than a brawl with a ball. The game lasts an hour and is very tough, resulting in many bruises, cuts, and even broken bones. It is also hugely popular: many guilds field, fund, and promote their own ruk teams and often recruit wandering adventurers as players.

While the game itself is violent, off-court matters can be downright deadly, with intimidation campaigns, kidnappings, and even assassinations associated with the fiercest team rivalries.1


The Grand Coliseum in Katapesh is one of Golarion's most famous arenas, and ruk is the Coliseum's most popular sport. Outside of the games, retired ruk players train prospects in teamwork, tactics, and techniques through both large classes in private coaching.23


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