Sacred implement

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A Nethysian occultist bears a sacred implement.

Many implements are holy relics of a divine entity or deity. These implements, which are always a specific type of object associated with the related divine power, are known as sacred implements and allow occultists to tap the deity's divine magic even if they do not worship it.[1]

Notable sacred implements and their associated deities include:

Name Deity School
Bailiff's chalice[1] Asmodeus Conjuration
Cinder-stained banyan[1] Nethys Transmutation
Ferryman's slug[1] Urgathoa Necromancy
Grandmother's clasp[1] Pharasma Abjuration
Laughing beast icon[1] Rovagug Evocation
Mask of the secret-eater[1] Norgorber Illusion
Mournful eye[1] Aroden Enchantment


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