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Warm deserts
Source: Bestiary 4, pg(s). 229

Saguarois, also known as cactusfolk, are a nomadic species of desert-dwelling humanoid cactus.1

Appearance and biology

The appearance and ecology of the saguarois is heavily affected by their nature as mobile cacti. They live on water and light like other plants do, and root themselves into the soil each night to absorb the water they need to sustain themselves. Their skin is covered with sharp, pointed needles that provide them with protection against physical blows, and as they age they often sprout a large number of stems and growths from the backs, shoulders and torsos, as well as from their limbs and heads. These are often immobile and non-functional, but elder saguarois have been known to learn to move particularly large stems to serve as additional limbs.

Saguaroi blood is very thin and watery, and can be safely drunk by other creatures.

Saguarois reproduce like other plants: each saguaroi sprouts a flower once each year, which produces a seed that, if planted and cared for, will sprout into an infant saguaroi within a year. After four years of care, the saguaroi child will be able to uproot itself and begin its life as a mobile plant. Barring injury or starvation, the newly sprouted saguaroi will sometimes be able to live for hundreds of years.1


Saguarois are primarily nomads, spending their days traveling across the deserts and badlands where they live, and typically organize themselves in small tribes. They are also very territorial: they welcome peaceful visitors and even offer them their own blood to sate their thirst, but respond to forceful intrusions into their lands with violent reprisals.1

On Golarion

On the distant continent of Arcadia saguarois can be found amongst the deserts and badlands of the nation of Xopatl to the south of the continent.2


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