Sarita Senbi

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Sarita Senbi
Titles Wali
Alignment Lawful neutral
Race/Species Human (Keleshite)
Class Magus 9
Gender Female
Homeland El-Shelad, Osirion

Source: Osirion, Legacy of Pharaohs, pg(s). 29

Wali Sarita Senbi is the elected Keleshite ruler of the small city of El-Shelad on the Scorpion Coast of Osirion. Due to the political tension in the city, between the Osirian loyalists and Keleshite sympathizers, Sarita isn't trusted by Garundi citizens. Sarita is the eldest daughter of a prominent Keleshite family and an opponent of the Osirian government. Sarita's election caused a week of rowdy, although non-violent, protests organized by the Osirian loyalists and led by Asad Arani.[1]