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Obari Ocean

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The Obari Ocean, with Garund to its west and Casmaron to its east.

The Obari Ocean is a massive body of saltwater that separates the continents of Casmaron and Garund, and contains within it many large islands, including Jalmeray and the archipelago of Iblydos.[1][2] In the north, the ocean connects with the Inner Sea.[3] Its southern boundaries are unknown to most in the Inner Sea region and thus does not appear on all but the rarest of maps.[4]


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Trade via ships is common along the coastlines bordering the Obari Ocean, with vessels from distant Vudra being the most common, although occasionally even ships from distant Goka on the continent of Tian Xia are spotted.[4]


The waters of the Obari Ocean are known to be home to several sea serpents. These are seen as signs of good luck by fishermen from Jalmeray, who give them tributes of fish to attract their attention.[5]

The deeper parts of the Obari, far from any shore, are avoided by nearly all sailors. Those who have ventured there return with stories of gigantic sea dragons, living islands, and demon storms.[4]


Paizo published a major article on the Obari Ocean in Aquatic Adventures.