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The Obari Ocean is a massive body of saltwater that separates the continents of Casmaron and Garund. It is known for being prone to terrible and sudden storms, and carrying a very large amount of sea trade between the Inner Sea region, Vudra, and the rest of the Kelesh Empire and Garund.1


The Obari Ocean separates Garund to the west from Casmaron to the east, and forms the entire eastern coastline of Garund. The Obari merges with the Embaral Ocean at both oceans' southern tips, before continuing south to merge with the frigid waters of the Antarkos Ocean. These southern borders of the ocean are largely unknown to most in the Inner Sea region and thus only appear on the rarest of maps.2

At its northernmost point, the Obari Ocean connects with the warm waters of the Inner Sea,3 and to the east the Betul Sea separates part of the Obari from the north-western part of Vudra.1

Many islands lie within it, including Jalmeray and the archipelago of Iblydos.45

The Obari Ice Forest

East of Geb and south of Qadira, deep on the ocean floor, gases escape from deeper within the planet and rush into the deep, frigid water. The pressure and temperature causes the gas to freeze into a solid extremely quickly, to become large, organic shapes. This several-mile-wide area of dense, white crystals is known as the Obari Ice Forest.

While beautiful, it is also extremely perilous. Disturbing the crystals can cause them to crack and erupt any compressed gas still inside with enough force to push even larger creatures up towards the surface with enough speed to cause massive damage due to the change in pressure.6


The waters of the Obari Ocean are known to be home to several sea serpents. These are seen as signs of good luck by fishermen from Jalmeray, who give them tributes of fish to attract their attention.7

The deeper parts of the Obari, far from any shore, are avoided by nearly all sailors. Those who have ventured there return with stories of gigantic sea dragons, living islands, and demon storms.2 These stories are based in truth, as Thuransam, the great cetus, makes his home in the northern section of this ocean, and Hyntheragha, a 50-foot-long great wyrm brine dragon, rules over a colony of merfolk in the center of the ocean.8


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Trade via ships is common along the coastlines bordering the Obari Ocean, with vessels from distant Vudra being the most common, although occasionally even ships from distant Goka on the continent of Tian Xia are spotted.2 These ships contains all kinds of extravagant goods. From almost any precious gems you can think of from Kelesh and Vudra, to the finest lumber from all around Garund. This both helps the growth and prosperity of every nation with a coast along this ocean, but also makes it a very tempting area for pirates to take advantage of.1


Paizo published a major article on the Obari Ocean in Aquatic Adventures.

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