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Nation Osirion
Region Scorpion Coast
Size Small city
Population 9,500
Demographics 9,400 humans, 43 half-elves, 28 halflings, 22 geniekin, and 7 others
Government Autocracy
Alignment Neutral
Ruler Wali Sarita Senbi

Source: Osirion, Legacy of Pharaohs, pg(s). 29

El-Shelad is a small city on the Scorpion Coast of Osirion. It was once just a slave camp housing a part of the hordes of slaves that built Tumen. The city flourished under the Qadiran rulership of the country mainly because of the resulting influx of Keleshites that strengthened its economy.[1]

El-Shelad is a city of fierce political struggle and racial tension. When the first Osirian ruler of the country after 3,000 years of Keleshite rulership, Khemet I, the Forthbringer, installed a loyal governor in El-Shelad, he tried to dissipate the political tension. He allowed the city's ruler to retain the traditional Qadiran title of "wali" but the struggle between the Osirian loyalists and Keleshite sympathizers has never ceased. The city is known for its stormy elections which until recently produced Garundi governors loyal to Sothis. Its current ruler, Sarita Senbi is Keleshite and thus distrusted by Garundi citizens.[1]