Wave Riders

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Wave Riders
Sefu, a human Wave Rider

Protect waters around Absalom
Military hierarchy
Source: Guide to Absalom, pg(s). 51

The Wave Riders of Absalom are a hippocampus-mounted light cavalry unit that protects the harbor of the City at the Center of the World, as well as the entire coastline of the Isle of Kortos.12

Tactics and resources

Excellent scouts, the Wave Riders are also trained to harass ships by attacking their hulls and throwing combustibles into the rigging. They also target enemy naval officers and attack summoned or trained enemy aquatic creatures.1 Another tactic involves quickly approaching small vessels and attacking its occupants before they have a chance of mounting a serious defense.3

Most Wave Rider cavalry units only operate within sight of land, as their air-breathing riders cannot sleep underwater, even if their steeds can. To overcome this obstacle, special "wave tender" barges were built in the port town of Escadar that resemble giant, floating doughnuts. Their inner pool allows the hippocampi to access the sea while the riders rest on the ships. The cavalrymen are equipped with a uniform of magically buoyant leather breastplates with sea-green capes, and are generally armed with crossbows and spears.14


Members of the Wave Riders receive their hippocampus training from the gillmen of Escadar on the Isle of Erran. The Low Azlanti occasionally join the cavalry company, even though they are still seen with some suspicion by the general populace, despite their obvious superiority in the aquatic environment.3


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