Isle of Erran

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The Isle of Erran, north of the Isle of Kortos.

The Isle of Erran is a small island off the northern coast of the Isle of Kortos, which hosts the navy of Absalom at the port of Escadar.[1]


The island has been a special place set aside from mortals ever since Aroden used it as a refuge for himself and his closest followers during the early years of the Age of Enthronement. Countless stories are told about it, and it is clear that it has yet to give up many of its secrets.[2]


The northern part of the island is covered in forests that contain hundreds of tombs and other burial sites unrelated to Aroden's worship. Absalom's Navy often comes across them while it harvests lumber to build its ships, and sends adventurers to investigate these discoveries.[2]

Places of interest

  • Abberton: A town of less than a thousand inhabitants located near the island's northeastern shore.[3][4]
  • Escadar: The largest settlement on the Isle of Erran is also the headquarters of Absalom's Navy.[2]
  • Erran Tower: One of the Aeon Towers constructed by Aroden himself, its aeon orb is now failing like the others.[5]