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45% ysoki, 30% humans, 15% shobhads, 5% ikeshti, 5% other
Crime Lord (Overlord)
Source: Doorway to the Red Star, pg(s). 72

Seldo is a bustling trade hub connecting several trade routes that crisscross Akiton.1


For several years, Seldo's undisputed leader has been Skartitch Chip-Tooth, a ruthless, power-hungry crime boss who united the fractious gangs under one banner and is nonetheless interested in the prosperity and well-being of the city. No written laws exist in place of a complex network of relations between families and species; individuals are expected to look out for themselves, and are free to punish criminals in whichever ways they find fair. Conflicts are often resolved by duels, which are considered fair as long as both participants fight, without the need for challenges or declarations of intent. Murdering a ysoki almost always leads to the victim's family asking Skartitch for aid, and her vengeance against those who harmed her followers is swift and brutal.23


Seldo is a fairly typical Akitonian city and has a diverse populace. As an important trade hub, Seldo's bustling marketplaces feature diverse wares. Vendors often boast:2

If you can't find what you're looking for here, you're probably on the wrong planet.

Seldo boasts a bustling nightlife. Cantinas and restaurants are usually considered neutral territory, free of violence; while brawls are expected and allowed, drawing a weapon is a grave offence that only the most violent or despicable would do. In these cantinas, people from all walks of life share news and job opportunities. Entertaining job offers is considered polite even when one intends to hire nobody.23

Crime is an everyday part of life in Seldo; one can easily overhear plans to raid other settlements. Community remains strong and people rarely meddle in others' affairs; a resident might invite cousins from a nearby town to Seldo when a raid is planned but rarely reveals the raiding plans.3

There are no specific temples or shrines in Seldo, and religious travellers are usually welcome. Alchemists take care of public health in place of divine spellcasters.3

The dangerous ikeshti riveners give a bad reputation to Seldo's ikeshti minority, who often find it difficult to interact with shobhad enforcers who are four times their size and earned their titles by defeating a rivener whose remains are worn as decoration. Nevertheless, ikeshti warbands can bolster their reputation by killing a rivener themselves and bringing back its remains.3

Even though Seldo used to be a human settlement, with other species living in the fringes, humans are even less influential than the ikeshtis, since Skartitch rose to power and weakened the human government, diverting resources to the ysoki and shobhads. Though humans are not entirely second-class citizens, they are regularly disrespected and scorned.3


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