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Type Humanoid
CR By character class
Adjective Ysoki

Source: People of the Stars, pg(s). 15
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The Ysoki rat-men, or just Ysoki amongst themselves, are a species of ratfolk commonly found on the planet Akiton.[1] They are physically almost identical to Golarion's ratfolk despite being worlds apart and having thousands of years of their own distinct history.[2]

Small and timid, Ysoki ratfolk are equally adapted to the open desert, the strange formian honeycomb caves sometimes found in the deepest trenches of the planet, and in the major cities (where they tend to gravitate towards the slums). Renowned as tinkerers, scavengers, hoarders, traders, and pickpockets, the Ysoki are cunning and resourceful. They've shown particular talents for disassembling and re-purposing technology.[2]. Though physically weak, the Ysoki are extremely loyal to their kin and are notorious for avenging their fallen family members.[3]

Representatives of the Ysoki use portals to travel to Castrovel and trade goods and ideas.[4]

A note on usage

Ysoki is always capitalized and is never written 'ysoki'.[2]