Senri Stenn

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Senri Stenn
Titles Venture-Captain
Class Sorcerer
Gender Female
Homeland Woodsedge, Galt
Organization Pathfinder Society

Source: Burnt Offerings, pg(s). 84

Senri Stenn is a scheming sorceress and venture-captain in the Pathfinder Society.

Her current assignment is within Galt in the city of Woodsedge. The Decemvirate instructed Senri to reclaim the ruined Woodsedge Lodge, find information on any stolen artifacts, and avenge the Pathfinder murdered in the riots of 4704 AR.

To escape detection from the revolutionaries and continue her undercover operation, Senri poses as a popular actress.

Senri works alongside two other operatives, the elderly ex-adventurer Lofton and half-orc Thuurv. The trio sponsors Pathfinders on missions to reclaim lost treasures and explore nearby lands.

They base their operations in the hidden basements of the so-called Barren Museum.[1]


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