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Source: The Inner Sea World Guide, pg(s). 73

The home of one of the fathers of the revolution, Darl Jubannich (who wrote the damning book On Government that helped start the Red Revolution), Woodsedge has always served as the traditional home for dissident thought and radical philosophies in Galt. Even with the country in its current state, nothing has changed. No matter who is currently in power, one can almost guarantee that the opposition to them will begin in Woodsedge, and any visitor is almost certain to find some sort of dissident movement afoot.1


Woodsedge is a destination for disgraced senators, ousted nobles, and simple outlaws that would not be tolerated in other Galtan cities.2

Places of interest

The looted Woodsedge Lodge was once an important locale for the Pathfinder Society, but was heavily damaged in riots in the early years of the revolution. Venture-Captain Eliza Petulengro has recently returned from Absalom to her homeland of Galt in an attempt to reclaim the building for her organisation, but her presence is barely tolerated by the locals.2

Like most other Galtan settlements, Woodsedge has a final blade in its city square.[citation needed]


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