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Source: Curse of the Crimson Throne, pg(s). 456

Shadowcount Sial is one of the most gifted and dangerous diplomats in the Brotherhood of Bones.2


Sial always walks with a disdainful expression and his chin held high. He speaks slowly and softly to people outside the Brotherhood of Bones, but is harsh and intolerant of dissent when talking to his subordinates or peers (particularly Laori Vaus). He wears black-and-red clothing, including a spotless hakama. He is never seen without his loyal velstrac eidolon Asyra.23


Sial is irritated by fellow Brotherhood member Laori Vaus, due to her cheerfulness, which clashes with his methodical personality. Laori understands this, but continues to try to make Sial smile.2


Sial was born in Cheliax and was a devout believer of Asmodeus in his youth. He joined the church from a young age, eager to look at the future and make use of the political capital that it would grant him. As he studied, Sial discovered his strength not in prayers or academia, but in a method of soft-spoken, unsettling, effective diplomacy. He grew dissatisfied with the church's bureaucracy, likening a priest to a mere functionary.2

Sial eventually took a listless, year-long assignment as a diplomat to Nidal, in the hope of better understanding the relationship between devils and undead. However, he was quickly enraptured by Nidalese religious rites, something that he never felt during his service to Asmodeus. He defected to the church of Zon-Kuthon, which faked his death and transported him to the heartland of Nidal. His defection was tested by torments and interrogations overseen by a secret agent of the Brotherhood of Bones, who offered him a place within the secret society.2

Within weeks, Sial's knowledge of all things infernal swiftly expanded, and he quickly rose to the rank of shadowcount and became one of the Brotherhood's most trusted agents. He has also re-established his name in Cheliax after a few meetings with Asmodeus' church.2


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