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An evangelist kyton.
Type Outsider
(evil, extraplanar, kyton, lawful)
CR 6
Environment Any (Shadow Plane)
Images of evangelist kytons

Source: Bestiary, pg(s). 185
This article is about the kyton species. For the prestige class, see Evangelist (prestige class).

Evangelists are a class of kyton. "Evangelist" is their proper name in kyton society; they are also known as chain devils due to a common misconception that they are devils from Hell, and are often simply called kytons because they are the type of kyton most commonly encountered on the Material Plane.[1] Evangelists are rumored to be the result of more powerful kytons breeding with mortal victims, but the truth is unknown.[2]


Evangelist kytons resemble lean humans, but have deathly pale flesh covered with vicious scars. They are almost always wrapped and draped in barbed chains that cut their flesh.[2]


Evangelists have embraced the chains that once bound their race in the pit of Hell. They have a supernatural connection to chains, granting them the ability to mentally animate chains in their proximity. They can magically lengthen any chain they use and cause it to sprout razor-sharp barbs.[2]

Like all kytons, evangelists have an unnerving gaze that inspires terror in its victims. An evangelist can cause any who look upon its face to see the visage of a long-lost loved one or hated enemy, causing them to quake with fear.[2]