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Padrig, eidolon of the iconic summoner Balazar.
Type Outsider
CR Varies
Environment Any
Alignment Same as summoner's
Images of eidolons

Source: Advanced Player's Guide
See also: animal companion, familiar, and spirit animal

An eidolon is an outsider linked to a specific summoner. Its close tie to its summoner grants it unique abilities and traits, including a form shaped by its summoner's desires.[1]

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Some eidolons are born of violence and blood.

An eidolon always appears as a fantastical creature and bears a glowing rune that also appears on its summoner's forehead while summoned.[1]

Until an eidolon is first summoned, it has no physical form or body.[2]

Unfettered eidolons

When the link between an eidolon and its summoner is somehow destroyed, or in some cases when an eidolon is crafted from other outsiders, the eidolon is free to act and roam the Material Plane independently.


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