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Skulltakers are the remains of hikers and mountaineers who met deaths of starvation and agony on the peaks.1 They are sometimes known as saxras.2


Skulltakers resemble enormous vortexes of bones and robes crowned by a horse's skull. Their skulls, especially eyes, glow red.1


Skulltakers' abilities revolve around their bones. The creatures can cause shards of bone to erupt from the surfaces they fight on and cause whirlwinds of their own bone shards to surround enemies.1 Some skulltakers can also animate the remains of nearby fallen creatures to their aid,3 often absorbing unused bones of those they have slain into their mass.1

For those who seek the aid of a skulltaker rather than a fight, the creatures are able to call upon the knowledge of those whose bones make up its body and have access to powerful divinatory magic.1


Skulltakers live on the high mountains where their constituent parts died. While primarily loners, some do seek out skulltakers for their wisdom, and the creatures are not without reason in regards to these requests.1


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