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Aliases The Butcher of Carrion Hill
Alignment Chaotic evil
Race/Species Human (Varisian) lich
Class Necromancer 17
Gender Male
Homeland Carrion Hill, Ustalav

Source: Rule of Fear, pg(s). 5

Socorro is a debased lich necromancer (also known as the Butcher of Carrion Hill) who served the Whispering Tyrant in his centuries-long rule in Ustalav. After his defeat at the end of the Shining Crusade in 3827 AR, Socorro went into hiding and has not been heard from since.[1]


In the year 3203 AR the wizard Socorro lead an uprising in the Ustalavic city of Carrion Hill after having heard of the rise of Tar-Baphon as the Whispering Tyrant. Socorro and his followers slaughtered thousands in a display of support and loyalty to the returned lich,[2] which earned Socorro the appellation "The Butcher of Carrion Hill". At some later point in his life, Socorro underwent the transformation into a lich.[3]


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