Solmon Menander

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Solmon Menander

Source: Crownfall, pg(s). 67–68

A jaded and overworked bureaucrat, Baronet Solmon Menander works at the Altar of Divine Innovation in Taldor's capital, Oppara.1 Solmon regularly employs blackmail, bribery, and forgery as a means of building influence and creating back-channels in an otherwise dysfunctional and uncaring system.1 Solmon is bitter about his position and would rather watch his fellow nobles suffer than assist them.2 Though certainly happy to exchange information for coin,2 Solmon puts his misbegotten influence to use for the most part as a way to provide alternatives to non-nobles who find themselves stymied by the messy bureaucracy in which he works. Solmon sometimes even goes out of his way to offer help to those in need—especially if such assistance is to the detriment of his fellow nobles.1


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