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The Netherworld
Shadow Plane1E
The Netherworld.

Shadow Plane
The Plane of Death
Mildly neutral
Enhanced and impeded
Dark reflection of the Material Plane
Source: Planar Adventures, pg(s). 106–111 (1E)
GM Core, pg(s). 178 (2E)
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The Netherworld, also known as the Shadow Plane, is coexistent with both the Material Plane and the Void, and seems to be a warped reflection of the former.1 It is a plane where the things born here have their colors, sounds, tastes, and all other forms of perception lessened.2


Much of the Netherworld has similar, but distorted, features that can be found in the corresponding place within the Material Plane. Where a city might exist on the Material Plane, on the Netherworld in its place might be ruins or some twisted representation of that city. Distances do not correlate between the planes, however, so that a person who takes a short walk in the Netherworld might be transported leagues away after returning to the Material Plane.342


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Just as the lands of Golarion have a twisted reflection on the Netherworld, the people do as well. Kayals are descended of humans who became trapped on Netherworld long ago. They have become infused with its essence and have yellow eyes and no pigmentation in their skin. Fetchlings often serve as middlemen for planar travelers and are the most populous race in their realm.5

In many people's minds, the Netherworld has very strong ties with undeath, and for good reason: the Netherworld's connection to the Void,1 which causes the creation of many of the undead that exist within the Netherworld,4 including nightshades.6 Undead are not the only creatures found on the Netherworld. Other living inhabitants include shadow giants7 and the infamous velstracs.8


The plane has largely been tainted by Zon-Kuthon's imprisonment here long ago. Portions of the plane show his influence more strongly than others. While he is no longer imprisoned, Zon-Kuthon still makes his home on the Netherworld4 in a region known as Xovaikain.9

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