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Symo of Wynsal

Symo of Gyr
First Siege Gear of Absalom, Second Gear (formerly)
Mirtion (husband)
Source: Absalom, City of Lost Omens, pg(s). 360f.

Symo of Wynsal is the first siege gear of the First Guard. He assumed the rank after his predecessor, Chun Hye-Seung, was promoted to the rank of commander militant in 4719 AR.2


After graduating from Absalom's Clockwork Cathedral, Symo of Gyr founded the Windarium, a clockwork shop, and was planning on running it with his husband Mirtion. However, Symo's reputation brought him to Chun Hye-Seung's attention, who made him the second gear and put him in charge of her several secret military projects, with the most important one being the creation of twelve "gearwork guards" designed to patrol Absalom. Symo leapt at the opportunity to execute this idea, and in the recent years has almost finished the project.2

Following the undead attack on Absalom in 4719 AR, Chun Hye-Seung was made commander militant, and Symo of Gyr became first gear of Azlanti Keep. Now, in addition to his work on Hye-Seung's numerous secret projects, Symo is also in charge of the entire keep's defenses. He spends day and night working, which leaves little time for his husband Mirtion or their clockwork shop.2

The Assembler

Symo of Gyr began as an aspiring student of Absalom's Clockwork Cathedral. During his studies he met the Assembler, the mysterious construct who founded the Cathedral and is thought to still live within it. This meeting inspired young Symo—he thought that if such a figure took interest in him, he must be very special, full of great potential and importance. This realization fueled his studies and pushed him to pursue perfection and precision with even greater focus.2

Years later, after becoming First Gear of Absalom, Symo of Wynsal found himself in the company of the Assembler once again while visiting the Clockwork Cathedral. Now in the presence of the construct as an adult, he realized that the twelve clockwork soldiers he designed were made in the Assembler's image, as evidently their first encounter had much more influence on his mind than he ever thought. The Assembler presented Symo with thirteen small clockwork spheres the size of a peach, intended as an upgrade to his gearwork guards. While Symo did not remember designing anything to support the installation of the spheres, he found an opening inside the soldier's heads, exactly the size of a peach. Overcome by curiosity, Symo installed twelve spheres in the constructs, yet nothing appeared to happen. Frustrated, Symo now worries about the Assembler's motivations and the purpose of the leftover thirteenth sphere. Disturbingly, he has also been feeling a constant headache since he implanted the other twelve spheres, and he has pinpointed the source of the pain to the exact location in his head that he found the unexpected openings in the heads of his clockwork soldiers.2


Symo is a perfectionist, pursuing excellence in all his projects. With his work consuming most of his free time, Symo has begun to blame it for his troubles at home. He prefers to talk little and let his work speak for itself.2


Symo and Mirtion married in 4710 AR.3 While their marriage is strong enough to withstand his constant absence, the family business might just crumble without his help. The couple has hired additional hands to keep things moving in the Windarium, yet things have not improved, and neither partner is willing to start communicating about the increasingly dire situation.2

Symo has a close relationship with commander militant Chun Hye-Seung, and still plays the role of her assistant and executive of her many secret projects.2

Symo believes that Wynsal Starborn should be the primarch, as evidenced by him changing his name from "Symo of Gyr" to "Symo of Wynsal", an act many other like-minded commoners have done to denote their loyalty.4


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