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First Guard

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First Guard
A First Guardsman
Type Military
Leader Rothos of House Vastille, Captain of the First Guard and Commander Militant of Absalom
Headquarters Azlanti Keep, Absalom
Goals Protect Absalom
Scope National
Members Elite knights

Source: Guide to Absalom

In 23 AR the god Aroden himself commanded a group of volunteers to defend Azlanti Keep during the First Siege of Absalom. This unit eventually became the First Guard.[1]


Today, the First Guard is an elite force of warriors, wizards and scouts solely dedicated to uncovering and quelling threats to the safety of Absalom, housed at Azlanti Keep with the city watch.[2][3][4] The First Guard mans the keep and serves as the core of the city's army, commanding other forces in times of war. The commission to command the First Guard is for life, and the force's vow is to protect the city, not the Grand Council.[3] The First Guard is always at less than 20% capacity unless there is an active siege.[5]

Eagle Garrison

While the main branch of the First Guard patrol the walls of Absalom, the Eagle Garrison patrols and protects the rest of the Isle of Kortos and its surrounding lands.[6]


The force's current leader is Rothos of House Vastille, Captain of the First Guard and Commander Militant of Absalom. [3] He is assisted by Chun Fe Seung, First Siege Gear, and Utgar of Gyr, Third Spell Lord.[3] Lord Yuvin Vatir of House Damaq is Quartermaster and Silver Sword.[3] Former captain Wynsal Starborn has retired from the leadership of the force, but holds the District Seat on the Grand Council.[3]

Recent history

The First Guard helped fight off two recent attacks on Absalom. The first was the Fiendflesh Siege of 4717 AR, in which a strange alliance of demonic and undead forces took part. The most recent was an attack by the forces of the Whispering Tyrant himself in 4719 AR that left behind the necromancy-blighted landscape to the east of Absalom called the Tyrant's Grasp.[7]