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Droven, iconic half-orc inventor.

Iconic character
Source: Guns & Gears, pg(s). 15ff.

Any tinkerer can craft using a formula, but the inventor is an innovator, creating what was considered impossible and pushing the boundaries of reality. An inventor is always on the cusp of making the next breakthrough in science and technology, and every setback presents another opportunity to fine-tune their contraptions.1


While inventors are always working on something new, they all have an "innovation"—their pre-eminent work that, after a bit of refinement, will they hope change the world. It may be a cutting-edge suit of customized armor with a variety of attachments; a mechanical construct with various modifications; an impressive (and unusual) custom weapon augmented by numerous mechanisms; or even something barely held together by an inventor's ingenuity and pure hope, always ready to fall apart because of the complex and powerful functions it was made to perform.2

Many inventors' creations seem to defy reality, made possible by their creators' constant study and search for the hidden laws of reality. Inventors believe the world has its own set of mostly undiscovered laws, like what makes electricity follow a certain path.3

Exactly what these laws are and how they should be explained is a matter of debate. To safeguard their trade, status, secrets, and revenue, many inventors hide their findings behind bizarre symbols and secret codes. However, there are more open-minded individuals who believe that sharing their findings and letting peers evaluate their works can help others. While these societies are small and isolated, most of their members think that they and others like them are on the right course toward solving the mysteries of the multiverse. While academic spellcasters appreciate their rigor, they believe separating the laws of mundane reality from magic is an unnecessary and needless constraint, considering that magical essences are an important part of the fundamental fabric of reality. For their part, naturalists believe these spellcasters are missing the point.3

On Golarion

In Avistan, Absalom, naturally, has many inventors flocking to it; the nation of New Thassilon houses many inventors that still remember ancient clockwork secrets; Ustalav's inventors have begun a period of technological renaissance in the region. In Garund, Dongun Hold and the Grand Duchy of Alkenstar are rapidly developing the continent's technology, with inventors leading the way; Garund's ruins of the Shory Empire, famed for its combination air magic with technology, are regularly searched for new inventions by Uomoto people and the nation of Eihlona; and ancient automatons from the shattered Jistka Imperium are still roaming Garund. Arcadia is rife with inventors and inventions, especially in certain regions where the culture and governments push ever further toward innovation.4

Absalom's Clockwork Cathedral is a center of learning for clockwork technologies and a magnet for the inventors.4

The Sparkforge Collective in Dongun Hold is filled with inventors and is always looking for more to join their ranks.5

Notable Inventors

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Inventors may be inclined to worship gods of technology or knowledge, like Brigh6 or Nethys.


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