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Source: Guide to Absalom, pg(s). 42–43 (1E)
Absalom, City of Lost Omens, pg(s). 213–225 (2E)

Westgate is a mostly middle-class residential district on the western edge of Absalom's city districts.12 It is populated by merchants, shopkeepers, and up-and-coming citizens who cannot afford more luxurious accommodation in the Petal or Ivy Districts.2 To the southeast of Westgate is the Foreign Quarter and to the northeast is the Ivy District. This district is mostly residential, growing increasingly so as one travels closer to the city walls,2 yet there are also a number of shops interspersed throughout. Some of the oldest families with lineages stretching back thousands of years still call the district home. The area is thought of by some residents as the model of Absalom's traditions. The Kortos Cavalry patrols the streets of Westgate as the Sally Guard, and man the Sally Gate on the western walls of Absalom.3


Westgate's district council is known as the Western Council and is led by its nomarch, Lady Seleenae of House Damaq.3

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