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Eternal Queen of Darkmoon Vale
Source: Guide to Darkmoon Vale, pg(s). 22

Syntira is the nymph queen and ruler of most of the fey who reside in Andoran's Darkmoon Vale, and is a direct emissary from the First World.1


Syntira is a beautiful nymph with long red hair, graceful limbs, and brown eyes. She never appears clothed and her voice rings with a crystalline beauty of a mountain spring on a summer afternoon.2


Being immortal, Syntira tends to take a long view in her relations with others, but overall is a peaceful and fair-minded queen. She greatly prefers diplomacy over warfare, and speaks with a quick, soft tone that never seems rushed, always weighing her options carefully. When provoked, she acts quickly and with cold efficiency, leading her followers on guerilla missions against any who threaten them. Even in these extreme situations, however, she prefers not to spill blood unnecessarily, and shows mercy towards non-combatants and those who surrender to her.1


Syntira has called Darkmoon Vale her home since before the first dwarves settled in the region.1


An ongoing cold war exists between Syntira (and her fey) and the local human population, and an occasional murder committed by either side is not uncommon. This conflict is exacerbated by the continual felling of trees in the Darkmoon Wood. Syntira continues trying to work with members of the local druidic orders of the Greenfire Circle and the Third Veil in order to find a peaceful resolution to this conflict.13 She has even tried to make direct contact with Thuldrin Kreed and the Lumber Consortium in the hopes of getting them to change their ways, but so far her overtures have been ignored.3

Syntira is served by a number of local gnomes, who act as her spies, soldiers, alchemists, and diplomats.4

A growing number of fey living in Darkmoon Vale have become dissatisfied with Syntira's rule, and are rumored to be on the edge of rebellion. Most of these feel that Syntira's continued attempts to make peace with the local humans is folly, and would prefer a more forceful and violent response to their continued incursions into their realm. Their concerns even reached the distant ears of the Witch Queen of Irrisen, who sent a number of her fey servants to stoke unrest in Darkmoon Vale.56


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