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Source: Pathfinder Bestiary, pg(s). 246–249
This article covers the family of creatures known as nymphs. For the specific type of nymph formerly simply referred to as "nymphs" in Pathfinder First Edition, see naiad queen.

Nymphs are fey who take the form of beautiful humanoids with elven features and watch over natural areas of splendour and beauty, which are always more scenic and pristine than normal. They often become subjects of art, but artists who seek to earn a nymph's favour should ensure that she is satisfied with the result, lest she feel insulted and lash out with magic.1

Nymph queens

Nymph queens are powerful nymphs who watch over large, pristine areas of wilderness. Unlike regular nymphs, nymph queens are not dependent on their wards, and strengthen and vivify them when they are healthy, but cause them to become twisted when they are not physically or psychologically well. In addition to their regular appearance, which resembles a normal nymph of their kind, nymph queens can also take a more humanoid-looking form. A nymph queen can inspire an intelligent creature with a token of her favour, usually a lock of her hair.2


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