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Druman (adj.)

Yoda, you 'removed "Druman" as adjective and "Drumes" as demonym, since neither conforms to Paizo's style guide, even if they may have been used incorrectly in the past' on 6 June 2018. James Jacobs uses Druman in Age of Ashes Player's Guide 6 and, now I look, it is used extensively in the recent Druma, Profit and Prophecy. I think we should add it back as it is a de facto adjective, now in multiple sources. I'll make a note. --Fleanetha (talk) 16:38, 30 July 2019 (UTC)

The style guide currently lists the "Druman/Drumans" as the noun (singular and plural) and "Drumish" as the adjective. So Druman is totally correct for a person from Druma. Drumes is wholly incorrect.—Paizo Publishing, LLC.png Yoda8myhead (talk) 19:38, 30 July 2019 (UTC)