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Confliction issue

I struggled with this one. Page 60 of the Skeletons of Scarwall (the map) claims that the Harchist's Blockade was built in 4237 AR. Page 61 AND The Inner Sea World Guide on the other hand, claims that the wall FELL in 4237 AR. I'm tempting to go with with SoS page 60 (the map) on this one, otherwise the timeline doesn't make much sense. Here's my thinking:

  • 3828 AR - Sunwall is built
  • (400 yrs later approx, Sunwall falls, according to Skeletons of Scarwall)
  • 4237 AR - Harchist's Blockade is built
  • (200 yrs later approx, Harchist's Blockade falls according to Skeletons of Scarwall))
  • 4515 AR - The Hordeline is built

This makes more sense to me than Harchist's Blockade falling in 4237 AR, but that's what it says in the Inner Sea World Guide p. 47. Thoughts? Ideas? Harass James Jacobs again? :) FaithfulofAroden 12:48, 22 March 2012 (UTC)

You're going to find lots of these kinds of small inconsistencies throughout the canon. All it takes is one writer to misinterpret something, or not pay super-close attention, and you have a discrepancy. In all these instances, we should use the {{conflict}} template to highlight the discrepancy. If you need help using the template correctly, you can check out Template:Conflict. To see how this template has been used until now, you can also reference THIS LINK--Brandingopportunity 16:52, 22 March 2012 (UTC)