Harchist's Blockade

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Harchist's Blockade is a former, fortified border running between the nation of Lastwall and the orc tribes of the Hold of Belkzen. It was constructed around 4237 AR by the orders of the Lastwall hero General Harchist to support the ageing Sunwall.1

General Harchist had predicted the collapse of the Sunwall in the face of an imminent orc invasion. Her warnings to her superiors were ignored, forcing her to take matters into her own hands. Disguising the labor of her troops as training exercises, she ordered them to dig in on the southern banks of the River Esk. When the Sunwall fell, Harchist pulled back to the new defensive line and successfully repelled the invading orcs, culminating in the Battle of Lost Hope at Fort Morrine. The blockade was later improved upon by the Vigil leadership, who quickly strengthened the line with a series of forts connected by a low stone wall and named it in the general's honor.2

This defense lasted only about 200 years, falling in 4482 AR at which point the defenders fell back further to construct the Hordeline.3


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