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Talk:Krunzle the Quick (fiction)

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Novella vs. Short Story

Technically, we should be categorizing web fiction as short stories and Pathfinder's Journals as novellas, but we may want to just combine them into a single category. Where do we draw the line in terms of word-count between the two types of short fiction? I don't know. Which is why perhaps we should be combining them, as the technicalities of what's a short story and what's a novella don't lend themselves to simplicity.—Yoda8myhead 20:59, 3 March 2012 (UTC)

I am guessing the categories were set up before the richness of the Pathfinder Fiction was fully revealed. If we were not starting from where we are but considered afresh, I'd suggest we use Paizo's own designation of the formats from their website:

Namely: Novels, Short Fiction and Web Fiction plus we know of the fiction content within the AP books, 'Novella' if you wish. The only problem with that latter category name is that many of the 'novellas' have subsequently been republished as 'Short Fiction' so maybe just 'Pathfinder's Journal' is better as that is exactly what they have been called from the first AP volume? Any word count option, I'd say, is complex and would be compromised by the publication under different formats.
As the wiki can cope with multiple categories, we can add multiple ones depending in which of the 4 formats the fiction has been published. We could lose 'Serial Fiction' entirely as it is extra complexity.--Fleanetha 10:41, 5 March 2012 (UTC)